CBD for Pets


Meet NAUTI little Charlie

He is the love of my life. If you have one you know what I mean. 

Charlie was hit by a car when he was 9 months old

That day I realized: I would move the world for charlie.  I was so nervous picking out a puppy CBD for pets Treat while he was already compromised and healing from his injuries. I had no way of knowing what alternative health products to trust but didn't want to rely on pain medication alone.   


THC FREE 250mg  CBD Pet Tincture is organically grown on their USA farms and processed with CO2 extraction.   Once Charlie was able to leave his crate, I took him off of CBD.  I quickly saw a change in his personality- he was more anxious and started to bark at every noise.  I knew his personality was growing and that I was responsible for training him, so I gave it some time, then resorted to hiring a trainer due to lack of result.  She told me that he is an anxious protected dog and recommended that I add CBD to his diet.  I started seeing results in about 3 days, and he seems so much happier!  He is also running as fast as he used to- I didn't even realize his hip still gave him pain!