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As one of the fastest growing industries, CBD quality is already prompting concern. There is a lot to learn in order to find a safe product.  We have done the research for you , and strive to be a source for you to feel confident in your CBD!

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We want to make finding safe CBD, pure CBD, organic CBD and US grown CBD products that will provide the strongest and most positive impact on your health.  With a long history in holistic medicine as an RN, I was excited to connect with Green Compass Global CBD products and make them available here on Nantucket and online!    

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In a highly unregulated industry, Green Compass has created their own self regulations!  Their products are home grown on their US farms, crafted with unmatched quality and strict cultivation compliance with stringent oversight on  commitment and control.  Every product is backed by independent, third party lab testing to ensure efficacy and safety!

Our Promise to You

We promise to stand by our trusted product and their commitment growing, extracting and bottling their product on site, with no unsafe chemicals.  We will continue to be patient with them as they navigate the ever changing rules to always come out on top, with a product that is superior in all ways to the rest!


Injuries, Separation Anxiety, Old Age Pain, Crate Bound and more:  Make your  furry loved ones life a better one with CBD for PETS

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 CBD is changing lives: Help educate those you love on how CBD products could help them.  CBD is successful in the quick impact on Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, OCD, PTSD, and Gut Health!

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CBD Hemp Extract 500mg Dosage

Such a high demand for CBD products has led to dilution, misleading labeling and unregulated products.  We save you the uncertainty of finding a trustworthy source - shop online for the best CBD we have found. 

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CBD by Sea chose Green Compass because they are raising the bar on CBD products, and are offering a ground floor opportunity in what is to become a 22 Billion Dollar industry this year. Don't miss this opportunity! 


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